IBX Network

Decentralizing the Freelance Economy


A unique platform for freelancers & project leaders that will save time, money & improve projects worldwide.

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What can you do with IBX?


Find an expert for anything. Describe what you’re looking for and find just the right worker to do the job for you.


Find amazing projects of your interest. Work for them. Be rewarded and grow your reputation.


Expose your project or your skills. Work and receive feedback. Bring your ideas to life!

The future of freelancing

Freelancers all over the world struggle every single day with the same problems: almost 50% of freelancers report consistent problems with getting paid on time and 58% don’t get paid for their work at all. Plus, the current centralized freelance platforms charge commissions from every payment. Users have to cope with unfair fees, as high as 30%, taken from what they’ve earned and without taking into account extra fees such as international money transfers, that can add another 5%. IBX is here to change everything that makes freelancers unhappy.

Fast and Global

With the IBX Token you can pay and get paid all over the world. No international fees, cheaper money transfers and almost none middleman commissions.

Blockchain-Based Platform

With Blockchain embedded into the platform, users can interact independently with each other. Workers will receive their payment safely and Managers, the job done. Control your money in your own wallet and prevent unfairly mismanagement from third parties.

IBX Community

IBX Network connects project leaders with expert freelancers, enhancing production and completing goals.


Managers create projects and post them on IBX’s Listing page. Their projects will have exposure to the full community. They can look for available Workers that are willing to join or wait for them to offer their proposals


Worker type users offer their skills and know-how for the available projects. They can either join a listed project or list themselves and wait to be contacted by Managers, who will later pay them in IBX or ETH.


The members from the Community give feedback to projects to help them. Usually, crypto-enthusiasts and business entrepreneurs. They can comment, post or share a private chat with Managers.


Workers and Managers rate and review each other’s work upon completion. Members with higher reputation will have more benefits such as better exposure or (even more) discounted fees. Become a digital professional. Build your career and reputation from home.


Pay with confidence. Our blockchain-based escrow system guarantees both parties payment protection. IBX protects the money until the Worker correctly completes the assigned tasks and the Manager is absolutely satisfied.

The IBX Token

With the IBX Token placed at the center of the platform, freelancers can finally achieve their economic freedom with low commissions paid in Ethereum or even lower in IBX. Users will get fast and cheap transactions when dealing with international clients and low middleman fees because they can interact directly with each other via Blockchain, instead of a centralized entity.

Initial Coin Offering

Distribution of Funds

  • Platform Development 50% 50%
  • Marketing 25% 25%
  • Strategic Partnerships 15% 15%
  • Legal Costs & Licences 10% 10%

Distribution of Tokens


ICO (60,000,000 IBX)


Pre-Sale (20,000,000 IBX)


Early Adopters (10,000,000 IBX)


Reserve (10,000,000 IBX)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 IBX

IBX Smart Contract identifier is: 0xf1b73b26cec1e6dd2c18262025be77566337b491

If the IBX Token you purchase does NOT carry this ID, you are NOT purchasing the token associated with IBX.

ICO ends on December 19th








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